Christmas Day 2020

With a family stretched across North Wales, Leeds, and Edinburgh , we made a collective decision some weeks ago to stay in our own little burrows for Christmas, regardless of the ever changing governments’ guidance on the subject, so we made no plans to […]

Terfyn and Lon Garret

Terfyn is a Welsh word derived directly through the Roman occupation of Wales from Latin terminus. Pont (stone bridge), cwrtil (curtilage), caer (castra, fort) are similar examples. In the context of Dinorwig it is the name of the highest formerly occupied area on Lon […]

Return to lockdown

This blog has been rather neglected in recent weeks, owing to various other demands on my time. As lockdown eased, I have been able to get visits from family, including grandchildren, which was very welcome all round. This included a visit from my daughter, […]

Origins of tourism in North wales

I have recently come across two websites about the origins of tourism in North Wales. which details the results of a four year research project on previously unpublished tours of Wales and Scotland in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The common […]

Little known hill

Moel y Ci This is a substantial western outlier of the Glyderau range, rising to 396 metres (1303 feet). It is outside the Snowdonia National Park. It was formerly a grouse shoot of the Penrhyn Estate, and was surrounded by a substantial stone wall, […]

Fachwen estate

Historical notes on Fachwen These notes refer to an eighteenth century estate called Fachwen and owned by Lord Newborough, an extension to it to the north and east when common land was enclosed in 1814, and its absorption into the Vaynol estate by purchase […]