Fachwen estate

Historical notes on Fachwen These notes refer to an eighteenth century estate called Fachwen and owned by Lord Newborough, an extension to it to the north and east when common land was enclosed in 1814, and its absorption into the Vaynol estate by purchase […]

Down to Llanberis again

Apart from a weekly shop for food on a Sunday morning, this is my only “outing” of consequence at the moment, whereas in normal circumstances it might not merit an entry here. There are several ways of walking down the hill from Dinorwig, so […]

Comms problems

I live in a relatively remote area, and from time to time problems will arise with telecommunications. I had a landline for 20 years but abandoned it 8 years ago after the internet speed dropped to 136Kps and I got a penalty charge for […]

Wild goats in North Wales

There are two categories of wild goat in this part of the world. The most well known are the Kashmiri goats on Great Orme, Llandudno which have recently achieved national and international publicity by roaming the streets of the town. Although presented as a recent development, it happens […]

Ordnance Survey maps

For those of you outside the UK, the Ordnance Survey is the official mapping provider in England, Scotland, and Wales. (There are separate providers for Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland). The Wikipedia entry gives a summary of its history which officially started in […]

Dinorwig or Dinorwic?

My village has a bit of an identity crisis. To summarize: Dinorwig is the original Welsh name, the only title used on Ordnance Survey maps, and by the local authority to which it belongs, Gwynedd County Council. But if you are ordering goods on […]


https://www.geograph.org.uk Just a brief entry today, to publicize this popular website (no, I don’t get a commission!) It is an effort by many volunteers to provide photographs for every Ordnance Survey grid square in the UK and Ireland, and even has an offshoot now […]

Walking in the sunshine

Once a month I walk down through Padarn Country Park to collect a prescription and any other small items of shopping I might need. Usually in a concession to age I come back by bus, but the vagaries of an emergency timetable mean this […]

New blog

I am completely new to blogging, so be charitable to me if I blunder about a bit learning how to do this. I am John Byde and have been using Vivaldi browser for several years, so that is how I came to be here. […]