Travelling by train again

For various reasons it turned out to be impracticable for family to come and see me at half term, so it was agreed I would go and see them. That means a 160 mile journey to Leeds. I was reluctant to drive, as anyone acquainted with the M60 and M62 over the Pennines will understand, so went on my first train journey since January 2020. It’s about a four hour journey on up to three different trains each way. In the past I’ve got various reductions, and the trains have usually been late so I get some of the fare back. No reductions this time, and no late trains either! It involved four different train companies and was pretty straightforward, familiar but strange at the same time. I had a thoroughly good time, and have learned how to read with a mask on, just tilt glasses over the bridge of the nose. Works when you’re still, not quite so well when moving.

So this seems the appropriate point to say that now lockdown is pretty much over, it’s time to bring this blog to a close. It will stay up for a while for anyone who wants to catch up with it, and I will in due course start a different blog about old roads in Gwynedd. I have to pull together a lot of material to do that, and will provide a link when it is up and running.

Regards to all


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