A thank you to Gwynedd council

One of the consequences of the “Beast from the East” here in March 2018 was that at least a hundred of the sessile oaks that are a distinctive feature of Padarn Country Park, and make it a site of special scientific interest, were uprooted, there being very little soil and a great deal of slate bedrock on this hillside. From time to time a relatively modest wind now will bring down more trees that were destabilized at the time, and on 17th June this came down across one of the well used paths in the woodland.

There had been another casualty on the same path a few hundred metres away in May

but this had been partially cleared by local walkers and was of less consequence.

Since the more recent fall was a larger tree and not very stable, I emailed my local councillor and the country park Warden on 22nd June, not being too optimistic that they could do much about it under current restrictions, but they have responded very promptly, and by this morning it has been cleared. Good to know that some of the less high profile work of local government can still be carried out.

Within the main wooded area too many brambles and feral goats have inhibited the regeneration of these trees, but in more open areas there are lots of saplings, and I even spotted one on my own land recently

This view from my bedroom window shows how much woodland can now be seen here compared with forty years ago – less sheep grazing off new shoots, plus some deliberate planting. It’s a real privilege to be living here.

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  1. Loved your blog and photos of the lake Padarn area reviving memories of its special beauty


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